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Autumn X Lync Puppy Updates

YellowTui 8 weeks
Red luna 8 weeks
blue 8 weeks
yellow 6 weeks
red 6 weeks
blue 6 weeks
April 7 yellow
April 7 Red
April 7 Red
yellow 5 week stack
red 5 week stack a
blue 5 week stack
mar 26 red yellow
Mar 26
Mar 26 blue
Mar 26 yellow
Mar 26 red
Mar 26
Mar 26
March 26
Mar 26 4 weeks old
Mar 25 playtime not
blue bath
Blue bath
red mar 23
Mar 22 yellow blue
Mar 21 mom and pups
Mar 21 1st outing
Mar 21 1st outing
3 weeks old
Feb 27
Feb 27
March 1
March 1
March 4, Blue
March 4, Yellow
March 4, Red
March 4, Blue
March 4
March 8, Yellow
March 8 - Yellow
March 8, Red
March 8, Red
March 8, Blue
March 7, Blue

April 21, 2016


The pups were not too happy the first night without mom and being in their own penned area.  But as the week went along they really started to settle down.  We would take them downstairs between 9:30 & 10 pm, feed them, then let them play for awhile to get tired.  Put them into their separate pens and they would settle right away and go into their crates to sleep. They would wake up between 2 and 4:20 pm to go to the bathroom.  We would take each outside one by one, put them back into their penned area and they would settle down until around 5 ish.  We would repeat the pee break again and they would be put back into the pen until around 6 - 6:30 am at which time we would feed them, let them play loose in the basement until they fell asleep again. 

They went to the vets for their wellness check on Monday.  It was a very noisy ride, they cried, screamed and whined for the first 45 minutes of the drive but they finally settled down and fell asleep about 5 minutes before we got to the vets.  They were great in the vets office and they slept all the way home.

April 23, 2016


Well the time has come, two of the pups went to their forever homes today.  It was very difficult to say goodbye to Miss Yellow "Tui".  Not knowing if you will see them again is very difficult.  It was easier to say see ya later to Miss Red "Luna" as I co-own her and she will be a show girl and possibly come back for breeding.

Yellow aka Tui is now Radford Chorus of Woofs and has a new dad Eric who will provide a wonderful home.

Red aka Luna is now Radfor Calleigh and will be joining her half brother Rex along with Dorte & Ken. 


April 16, 2016


Pups are 7 weeks old.  Can't believe they will start to leave in a week.

Have taken them for 2 car rides so far.  Blue was doing pretty good, Luna did really well for the first 10 minutes then decided to start to act up.  Tui was just not happy.  So both times I had to take her out of the crate and hold on to her.  She then settled.

The pups have basically had the run of the house during the day, we have set up a penned in area at the bottom of the deck stairs so they can come in or go out when they want.  They have been really great about going outside to the bathroom, today was the first day in a long time that we have had a mistake in the house.  We are changing their sleeping arrangements.  Each pup will have it's own crate with a pen around it.  They will not be able to get to each other and mom will no longer be allowed to go and feed them during the night.  They will also have toys, water and a pee pad.  They have been really good at waiting until the morning to go poop outside.  So hope this continues.

April 11, 2016


The pups had their first introduction to a crate in a car today.  Clicker trained of course.  Blue did very well, he whined a couple of times when I shut the door and went to the side of the car but then did well.  Yellow girl was a little leary at first and really didn't want to be in there.  I expected this as she really doesn't like to be in a pen.  But with lots of treats she accepted the door being closed, I didn't leave her site thought.  Red girl was bold as usual.  Had not problems with door closed or me being out of site for a few seconds.  I took them all for a little walk down our driveway, calling their name and they all responded.

April 8, 2016


Switched their kennel area from the living room to the kitchen. They prefer to be outside so this will give them lots of access to the deck when the weather permits.  They are really developing their own little personalities. 

Miss Red will now be known as Luna, Miss Yellow is Tui and Mr. Blue will remain Blue for now.

I have done a bit more clicker training.  We did some recalls and they all did pretty good, it was great to see them sit when they got to me. 

Today, Luna got to have some training from Cali the cat.  Click here for a video.

April 4, 2016


The pups are playing much longer now.  They love being outside on the deck or in the yard.  Yellow is much more lively when she is outside.  They are also eating more.  Still working out the timing.  I have tried to do a bit more clicker training, again it's all in the timing.  Their litter box training is sporactic, but I think we are making a bit of progress.  They are receiving 3 meals a day from me, breakfast, late lunc and before bedtime.  Momma is still feeding during the night and at least once or twice during the day.

April 1, 2016


Introduced the puppies to the clicker today.  They loved the cooked chicken treats.  Yesterday I put together a video of some playtime with the puppies.  Click here to view.    Today, Blue was having a time of his life with the entertainment centre.  Yellow wasn't into it.  She does better out on the deck or outside.   They are eating a bit more, Yellow loves her food, the other two are more niblers, they are much too busy to eat. 

March 26, 2016


Pups are 4 weeks old today and Mr. Blue weighs 9 lbs.  Miss Yellow is 9 lbs 1 oz and Miss Red is 8 lbs.

It was a beautiful sunny day today so they got 2 outings.  They are starting to eat a bit more meat as I am keeping mom away more often.  They are playing more and staying awake a bit longer. We are also starting to see their personalities.  They are all such sweet dogs. 

See pictures at top of page.

March 25, 2016


I let the puppies out of their pen so they could walk around and investigate and they all went to sleep just outside the pen.  When they woke up they got to have a play time with momma.  Click here to see the video.  Note: the year should read 2016 not 2017.

Later in the afternoon, they got to play outside in the sunshine while I did a bit of agililty training with the other dogs, then after a feeding and a nap Miss Red had a nice play time with Grandmas Eve.  Miss Yellow and Mr. Blue were just looking for a place to nap.  Click here for a video

March 24, 2016


Mr. Blue had his first bath today.  Photos in collage strip at top of page.  

March 23, 2016


The puppies did great back in the basement last night.  I was awaken about 2:30 am with a pup crying.  When I went down Momma was feeding Blue and Yellow and Red was still in the crate.  I think she couldn't see where everyone went.  So I left a light on so they can see when they wake up. 

This afternoon, Blue was wide awake and the girls were sound asleep so I let him have a bit of a walk about. Click here for a short video.

Yellow has figured out how to eat the raw ground chicken from the dish, the other two still need to be hand feed.

March 22, 2016


The pups have teeth.  Wanting to chew on your finger, they may be little teeth but they are very sharp.  They are playing together a lot more.  Not for a long time yet.  Still doing a lot of sleeping.  We are moving them back downstairs tonight and will keep them downstairs during the night and will bring them  up stairs during the day.  They seem to really like the coolness of the floor.  So I think they will be more comfortable down there and it will also be easier for clean up.

Blue boy has been pretty consistant on going to the litter box to go poo.  Still thinks that he has to pee on the pee pad.  The girls will pee in the litter box if you put them in there, they aren't looking for a place to go yet.

Decided to give them some straight ground raw chicken instead of mixing it with esbliac.  I think they like it better straight up.  Don't eat a lot yet, but don't think it will too long. 

March 21, 2016


Pups had their first outing today.  It was a nice sunny day, a little cool but not bad.  They weren't too sure about the new surroundings.  Click here for a video of their outing.

March 19, 2016


Pups are still getting big.  They had their first tast of real food today.  I made a mixture of Esbilac and raw ground chicken.  They loved it.  Made up another batch before bedtime and they ate some more.

Click here for a short video of their first meal.

March 17, 2017


We have set up a litter box with paper cat litter in it and whenever we can, we take the pups to the box and will stimulate them to go to the bathroom like momma does.  We also have pee pads down in front of it.  Today Mr. Blue walked (wobbled) over to the pee pad to go to the bathroom. 

All the pups are trying to walk.  Still wobbly but they are starting to get around pretty good.

March 16, 2016


Puppies are starting to react to sound and they are starting to play with each other.   Still gaining lots of weight.

click here for a short video of them playing on March 11

Day 9, March 7, 2016


The puppies eyes are starting to open.  All the pups are gaining weight like crazy, momma has some great milk.

We have decided to move them upstairs.  It will allow us to also move back into our bedroom and still keep an ear out for them

Click here for a video of Miss Red and Miss Yellow.


On Saturday, February 27, 2016 Autumn gave birth to 4 black flatcoats.

first born:  time: 9:05 am -  boy  1lb 1 oz (right shoulder mark/blue collar)

second born:  time: 10:06 am - girl 1lb 2 oz (left shoulder mark/Yellow collar)

third born:  time: 10:19 am - girl 1lb (left hip mark/red collar)

fourth born: time: 10:5 am - girl 11 oz ( no mark)

Click here for a short video

Day 4,  March 2, 2016

The little girl that weighed 11 oz, has been gasping for air since she was born.  We almost lost her on day 2.  Found she also wasn't able to suckle.  She was not gaining weight and cryed all day long.   So had to start tube feeding her plus took her to vet and she was dehydrated.  Gave her fluids and some antibiotics.  On Mar 1 she seemed to improve but then she seemed a little off again.   I gave her some more sub-Q fluids at 11Pm and fed her again at 3:00 am. Made sure she was kept warm.   For some reason I woke up and checked on her at 4:30 am and she had passed.  I tried to revive her for 1/2 hour, but she was gone.  We are devasted.  

Pregnancy is confirmed....

January 28, 2016

We did an ultrasound at Williams Lake Vet Clinic.  Vet thought there was 5  puppies for sure.

Autumn is Bred to Lync....

Autumn was bred to Pippin via over Christmas.

We were unable to do progesterone testing. 

We had 2 slipped breedings on Dec 25 & 26th

We had 2 successful 20 minute ties on Dec 27th & 28th. 



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