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Radford Flat Coated Retrievers

Chocolate Ginger Snap  ADC, MJDC, CGC

October 14 1994 - January 19, 2010

Our journey here has come to an end.  It’s been a great 15 years.  We saw you in that pet store and you looked just like our dobe but small.  We had no intentions of buying a puppy; we had gone only to look at different breeds to see which small dog we would get to be my lap dog.  But once they put you in the palm of my hands, there was no giving you back.  You were ours forever.    You have given us so many memories over the years.  You always managed to get a smile out of everyone.   You have been by our side when we had to say good-bye to our dobe, Lady, 2 flat coats, Magic and Bandit and 2 cats, Marbles and Tigger.  They will all be waiting for you at the rainbow bridge where you can again be in charge of them all.   I remember watching Marbles the cat hide behind the bedroom door waiting for you to come down the hall so she could pounce on you and then the chase game began or when another big dog would come charging at you and Bandit would step in before we even knew what was going on.  He was your big protector. Or when you showed those flat coat pups what to do with a bird.  I’m sure there are many flat coat owners still laughing about the little doxie that would roam the campsites at the flat coat campout and help herself to anything she could find.  Although we got you to be just a cuddle dog, I started teaching you obedience for the ring and actually thought we’d give that a go.  I had said if it doesn’t work out that’s Ok she’s still our cuddle dog.  Well it didn’t work out.  Although you were good, one of the best heals ever going forward or backwards, when it came to the ring there was just way to many things to sniff.  By the time you turned 4 I figured you could probably handle some training in the way of agility.  And to my surprise you did pretty darn good.  You blew me and I’m sure others away when you came in 3rd at the very first AAC Nationals in Calgary.  I was so worried because it was very windy and you hated wind and rain.  You were crossing the dogwalk when a big gust came up and almost blew you off, but you kept going.  I was so proud of you.  What more could we ask for from a dog with 2” legs.  The table was our downfall though.  Typical, in practice it went great but in trials not so great.  I guess that’s why you were able to get a masters jumpers but never got any further than an ADC.  I’ll never forget the time we were trialing in the states, NADAC,  and they had this scary looking chute.  Had some sort of dark house or something around it.  You ran up to it and stopped and rolled on your back like you were saying, please don’t make me go into that scary looking thing.  You had everyone in stitches.  We passed it by, but the next day they had the very same scary chute.  You could almost here the spectators hold their breath as you approached the chute and you showed them all and without hesitation ran right through it.  Everyone cheered.    Ginger, you have brought many a smile to our faces.  You have brought so much joy to our lives.   You will be deeply missed.  There will always be only one Gingey Pingey.

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