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Axel 7 months

GCH Highpoint-Radford All In, RN, RA, DN, DJ. DS

Birthdate:  January 9, 2019      

Breeder:  Dorte Larsen, Ken Larsen, Roxanne Ziefflie

Owner: Roxanne Ziefflie




OFA:  Eyes -  OFA - Normal FR-EYE1221/32M-VPI

                                 Prelimary gonioscopy June 2019 - Clear. 

OFA:  Hips -  OFA GOOD FR-6589G26M-VPI 

OFA:  Elbows -  OFA NORMAL FR-EL3471M26-VPI 

OFA:  Patella -  OFA NORMAL  FR-PA3111/26M/P-VPI


2023  - Axel earns his RA Rally Advanced title at the Kelowna Kennel Club and the Cariboo Kennel Club events in May.  

2022 - Axel completes his GCH - Grand Championship, earns DS - Dock Senior and RN - Rally Novice titles.   By the end of the year Axel is half way to earning his GCHB.  

September 3 & 4, 2021 Axel competes at the Skaha Kennel Club Dog show and receives
BOB under judges Janet Lebb and Yvonne Savard  and 2 SD under Wendy Hamilton-Petkau and Gail Forsythe 

August 13-15 Axel earns his DJ Dock Junior title in Quesnel. 

July 23-26, 2021 Lakes District Kennel Club

8 All breed shows

Axel earned 5 Best of Breeds (BOB) for a total of 11 Pts. Judges: Michael Lanctot, Patricia Lanctot, Terry Gains, Olga Gagne, Carmen Haller and 1 Group 4 Under Judge Terry Gains for 1 pt and 3 Select Males (SM) for 3 more pts under Judges Edgar Bajona, Wendy Maisey, Grant Townsend

All owner Handled as usual.  

July 16-18, 2021  Axel earned his Can Championship. 

Saturday, July 17 - Sporting Dog Spectacular - FCRSC booster, Best of Winners (BOW) for 3 pts. under judge Gordon Haybum 

Sunday, July 18 - Mt Cheam - Best of Winners (BOW) for another 2 pts. under judge JC Boulinguez 

June 17-19, 2021 - Axel earns his first NADD Dock Diving title - DN.and an invite to the regionals in Manitoba

September 2019 - Axel earns two more points towards his championship at Mt. Cheam with a BOW

July 27, 2019 - Axel earns his first 3 points towards his championship by winning Winners Male WD  and best of Winners BOW along with Best Puppy in Breed at the Prince George Show under Judge Joe Lobb 

Below is Axel's first conformation show in Baby Puppy April 20, 2019

Sire: CH Eagletarn Radford's Forrest CD, CGN, ADC, SGDC, AADC, AGDC  "Forrest"

Dam: GCH Radford Calleigh, RN  "Luna"

Colour:  BbEE - Black, Carries Liver

                          Does not carry Yellow

Coefficient of Inbreeding:  0.3%

Genetic Diversity Analysis: OI: 0.16, AGR: 0.06. IR: 0.00 

Axel DNA Certificate

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