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CH Radford Autumn's Eve CGN

Blog - Year one


June 15, 2012  Autumn turns 1 today..









June 10, 2012  Autumn learning how to do the channel weaves


June 8, 2012  A little conformation practice today


May 24, 2012  Took Autumn in to be weighed today, she is 59.9 lbs.  Thinks she's going to be a nice size girl when she's done.    We introduced her to a low A-frame and the very beginnings of the channel weaves.


May 15, 2012   11 Months old.  She is looking more and more like her mom only taller and longer.  We have been working on agility and she knows table, tunnel, tire, jump.  We introduced the teeter today.












               Autumn - 11 months                                                       Keeva (formerly Miss Orange), Forrest, Autumn, Eve, Cynder


March 29, 2012  Autumn has gone into season today.


March 25, 2012  Autumn came along to our field practice today.  We've done a little bit of retriever training but not enough to work in the field yet.  She's doing well with her obedience.



Here is a photo of Autumn at 9 months 




January 7, 2012   Autumn is 51 lbs and just over 22" tall.  When I look at her face I still think she needs more fill below her eyes.  Otherwise I like her head now. 


December 15, 2011  6 months old.  Autumn is 47.6 lbs and as tall as her mom.  We have been working on a tunnel in the basement and she's loving it.  Have to put up a gate to keep the dogs from running through the tunnel. 



                                           Not the best stack.  We'll be working on that.




December 9, 2011  Autumn joined me and Forrest at this years Auld Lang Syne conformation show in Chilliwack.  She was such a well behaved little girl.  Lots of new experiences for her.  A friend of mine came with me and took care of her around the ring while I was showing Forrest.  She remained pretty calm during everything going on.  Her first time in a hotel room and she slept in her crate with no problem.


December 3, 2011   Autumn came out to our obedience practice today and was a little trooper.  She's getting much better on her heal and sits.  I made a comparison picture of Autumn and her mom Eve.   Eve is on the left and was about the same age that Autumn is now.  Autumn is almost as tall as Eve is now.














                                         Eve  & Autumn                                                                                               Luna, Autumn, Eve


November 16, 2011  Autumn was 5 months old yesterday.  She weighs 40.2 lbs.  Today we worked on a quick stand using the hand touch method by Susan Garrett.  She picked it up real quick.  She play a lot with the other dogs.  Sometimes a little rough thanks to Forrest who also plays a bit rough.  She has a great big hugh smile when greeting people.  Her healing is coming along too.  She is doing a walking heal now. 








November 1, 2011  Autumn is 34. lbs.  Working on getting her to put her paws up on the grooming table so I won't have to lift her up later down the road.


October 15, 2011  4 months old today.  weighs 31.8 lbs.  approx 19 inches at the withers.  They sure grow up fast.  Yesterday and the day before Autumn got to go for a couple of nice long leisurely 2 hour walk with the other dogs.  She was pretty good off leash.  Only problem was when she tried to follow Forrest into the wooded areas.  I had to keep a close eye to keep her on the trails.


October 11, 2011  Took Autumn to my weekly get together with other dog people.  We meet twice a week to train our dogs.  I worked on her heal.  I was amazed at how well she did especially since this was outdoors and other dogs were around.  Autumn is doing great about sleeping in her crate until my husband gets up for work around 7:00.


October 3, 2011  3 1/2 months old and Autumn weighs 27.6 lbs.  She had to go to the vet today.  She's been trying to clear her throat for about a week now.  I noticed this after she had been chewing on a stick.  She would only do it several times a day, no coughing though.  He sedated her and I held her mouth open and got to get a good look inside her mouth.  The vet found a tiny little plant type thing, about the thickness of a hair with sharp edges stuck in the inside upper part of her mouth.  Figures it will take about a week for it to heal. 


Sept 20, 2011   We are finally back from holidays and a couple of agility trials.  Autumn was great in the trailer and in the pens. She did a bit of swimming in the lake.  Slept great in her crate.  We put the table down and placed the crate on top of the table.  One night she wanted to go to sleep and the crate wasn't up yet so she crawled up onto the table and went to sleep.  She now weighs 24 lbs.  I have been working on sits (which she is pretty good at) and off leash heal work.  She has figured out to be by my side. She also figured out to stay in the pen until I called her name for her to come out.


Sept 1, 2011   At 11 weeks old Autumn weighs 19 lbs.  She is sleeping through the night until approx 5:45.  I still think its the other dogs waking her up.  She is fitting into the family nicely.  Very calm girl.  Hope that continues.  Still haven't had a lot of time to train her but now that the trial is over I will have lots of time to work with her.  She attended her first trial this last week-end.  I was the trial secretary so all the dogs had to stay in the pen for almost 12 hrs each day.  They were all great.  Took them out for pees and some pool time.  Autumn got to meet lots of people and a few dogs. 


August 25, 2011  Autumn had her first trip to the 108 Lake today.  She ran into the water and went a little too far and I think she scared herself.  But she went back in later and actually retrieved a bumper.   She had a good night last night.  She slept until 6:00 am without any waking throughout the night. 


August 24, 2011  Autumn has settled in very nicely.  She took to the crate with no problem.  The first night at home she slept in her crate next to my bed but after that I put the crate in the kitchen and she has slept there ever since.  She loves having her wet towel to help keep her cool.  Some nights she sleeps through until around 5:45, a couple of nights she had woke up at 2 ish for a pee.  I let her out and I put her right back into her crate and she goes back to sleep.  I haven't had a lot of time to work with her yet.  We did a bit of clicker training for her name and also for a sit.  Once our club agility trial is over this week-end, I will have more time to spend with her.  She gets along great with the other dogs and goes outside to do her business.  Although sometimes she only makes it as far as the deck.  Can't blame her though, that is where we had the tarp and the whole litter seemed to think it was a giant pee pad.











August 19, 2011  The decision was finally made to keep Miss Red.  I really had a hard time deciding as Miss Pink and Miss Orange also had some wonderful traits.  They have gone to wonderful homes and I will see them on a regular basis.



Radford Flat-Coated Retrievers, Flatcoat, Flat Coated Retriever
Radford Flat Coated Retrievers, Flat-Coat, Flatcoat
Radford Flat Coated Retrievers, Flat-Coat, Flatcoat
Radford Flat Coated Retriever, Flat-Coat, Flatcoat
Radford Flat Coated Retriever, Flatcoat, Flat-Coat
Radford Flat Coated Retriever, Flat-coat, Flatcoat
Radford Flat Coated Retriever, Flat-coat, Flatcoat
Radford Flat Coate-coated Retriever, Flatcoat, Flat
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