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The raising of our Flat-Coated Retriever puppies from birth to 8 weeks


Dam:  Eagletarn Everlasting Radford

Sire:  Glainddu Third Time Lucky


Flat-Coated Retriever Puppies born June 15, 2011


Click here to view a collection of photos of the Flat-Coated Retriever Puppies.

Click on thumbnail to view larger image also check out our Flickr photo page


5 girls ( 2 liver) and 2 blk boys were born June 15, 2011 click here to follow their weight gain.


You can follow the puppies on YouTube  RadfordRetrievers


July 19 & 20, 2012  Autumn, Luna and Flynn compete at the FCRSC National Specialty.  Here are a couple of videos of Flynn:    Here's Luna - placed 1st and Autumn - placed 3rd   .   You can see more videos on  Autumns page.


August 17, 2011   Tomorrow I take the last five puppies down to the coast.  Should be a very interesting trip as I will be driving down by myself.  It's a 4 1/2 - 5 hour trip.  Black and Blue have forever homes waiting for them.  Red, Pink and Orange will be re-evaluated and I will make my decision which girl I will be keeping.  The other two also have homes waiting to see which puppy they get.  They are very energetic puppies and believe me, its time for them to go to their new homes.  Five puppies, 1 teenager and 2 adult dogs is a lot to take care of.  Looking forward to getting my house back, sortof.  I'm sure I will miss everyone of them, but hope to get regular updates from everyone.


August 14, 2011  Both Lexi and Bruce are doing well in their new homes.  Both reported no "accidents" in the house and both are getting along with the other dog in the house.  The 5 remaining puppies are really getting energetic.  They get into everything.  Mornings, they spend about 1 - 1/2 hrs playing, running around the house and digging.  Then they crash for a few hours.  This is when I usually do what I have to get done.


August 12, 2011  Mr. Green now Radford A Dark Knight call name Bruce left on the 10th for his forever home with Jacky in Calgary.  He is in for a fun life doing agility, possibly hunt work and I'm sure some more exciting dog adventures.  It was hard saying good-bye but he's in good hands.  Yesterday, Miss Brown now Radford A Beach Life With Lexi call name Lexi has begun her journey with Patricia in Burien, Wa.  I must say I wasn't able to hold back the tears on this one.  She too is in some very good hands and will receive tons of love and of course lots of beach time.   This has got to be one of the most difficult parts of breeding.  I have spent a lot of time with these little guys and have got to know them really well and I think they are all wonderful puppies.  I don't know how I am going to say good-bye to 4 more in a week.  I still haven't made my decision on which one I am going to keep.  Five puppies remain.  Here are some videos of just stuff with the pups today.


August 9, 2011  Puppies all got a bath today then had their photos taken.  The first two pups get to meet their forever companions tomorrow.  Will be a tough day for me but I know they are going to fabulous homes and will have a great life.   They are certainly becoming active little puppies.


Aug 4, 2011  The puppies got to play in the yard and the pool today.  We are finally getting some decent weather.  They didn't get to stay free for too long as a few of them kept going under the deck.  I don't want them under there, that's where we keep the lawn mower etc.  It's funny how they seem to know exactly where they are not allowed to go.   Last night the pups went to bed nice and quietly and slept until 5:45.  They actually woke up because Forrest and my husband were moving around.


August 3, 2011  We have moved the puppies back downstairs.  It gets way to hot for them overnight in the kitchen.  I had to put down some wet towels and turn on the fan to help keep them cool.   They slept better throughout the night but still getting up at 5 am.  The puppies love Cali the cat.  She is so patient with them.  see video


August 2, 2011  All the puppies went to vet today.  The drive to town was a little noisy but not bad.  Everyone is healthy.  They all got dewormed, parvo vaccine and microchipped.  They were awesome.  Not a peep out of them.  One wiggled a bit when they got their microchip but basically they slept through it all.  The drive home was quiet.  Momma Eve was very happy to see all her puppies return. 


August 1, 2011  Puppies are getting up at 5:00 am.  ouch...This will get better once they are on their own.  Took the pups for their first car ride.  They did pretty good.  They were all relaxed and quiet while I loaded them one at a time.  My husband drove and I treated as we drove around the lake.  Most were relaxed, brown was a little stressful but settle once she started to get some treats,  blue relaxed and almost fell asleep in the corner.


July 31, 2011  Been busy evaluating puppies with Eve's Breeder, Anna Daly.  Made a couple of decisions, changed our minds, then changed them again.  This is tough stuff.  But have a much better idea of what I am looking at in each puppy.  Today I decided to start some crate training.  Set the crate up with their bed in it, in my car.  Using clicker training I was able to get each one of the pups, separately,  to stay in the crate with the door open and also to remain quiet with the door closed even while I went out of site for a few seconds.  Tomorrow I am hoping to put them all into one crate with door open and closed and take them for a short drive.  I want to be able to take them to the vet on Tuesday by myself.  We have moved all the puppies bedding etc into the kitchen.  They have started to get a bit noisy downstairs.  They don't like to be down there anymore.  They are much more comfortable upstairs with us.


July 27, 2011  Wow....puppies are 6 weeks old already.  They are all doing great.  Yesterday I introduced kibble and boy what a mess.  Lots of big poops. A bit of diarrhoea was expected.  The interesting thing I noticed later in the day was that they started to eat it.  They have never done this before.  Nor have they done it today after eating raw.  The clean-up from last night was horrible.  So I have decided not to give them kibble again.  All puppy owners will have to do the conversion themselves or continue to feed raw.  Sorry guys but it just too big a difference in clean up with 7 puppies.  Check the photo album for updated pictures.


July 26, 2011  The pups got to go outside during the rain.  Didn't seem to bother them at all.  Played some tug with Forrest.  I introduced them to Kibble at lunch.  They gobbled it down with no problem.  Only thing I have noticed is that their poops are bigger.  I plan to continue giving them kibble once a day so they will be able to eat it when they go to their forever homes, if owners choose to do so. 


July 24, 2011  Today we did some more clicker training.  Had the pups go to and sit on a bed.  They all did great.  My daughter Melanie worked with one of them.  It was her first try at clicker training.  In the afternoon the pups finally got to go out into the yard.  They had a great time.  We have now put up a pen to keep better control.


July 22, 2011  The pups did the stairs today.  Orange was sleeping through it all so she didn't get to give it a try but she had already tried them before.  Miss Black actually followed my husband up the stairs to the outside dog run this morning and stopped to have a pee outside.  today's video


July 20, 2011  Puppies are 5 weeks old today.  Where has the time gone.  I have uploaded some stacked pictures of the pups on their album and also did a video of them exploring the rest of the basement.


July 19, 2011  Yesterday the puppies had another clicker lesson.  Used it to feed them lunch.  They had to follow a pull toy and after they had to walk back to their pen.  Some of them had a little problem with the different flooring, but they all walked back to their pen with a few treats along the way.  They are starting to get real active and a bit destructive.  Forrest is starting to get even more comfortable playing with the pups and Miss Pink really likes him.  Video


July 17, 2011  At 4 1/2 weeks all puppies have been introduced to the clicker.  I used cooked chicken as the treat.  This was the first time they have something other than their ground raw chicken.  They seemed to love it.  Took them out on the deck afterwards and took lots of pictures and played rubba bellies with those that were awake.  Have decided to totally wean the puppies.  They are eating really great and momma Eve is starting to look a little frazzled when she feeds them.  I'm going to try and put a t-shirt on her to cover up her teats so they can't get at her so she can still spend some time with them.  Forrest also spends time playing with them so they are getting other dog socialization.  And of course we spend lots of time playing and handling them.  today's video


July 14, 2011  Puppies had their first baths today.  Only two of them were a little displeased the rest took it all in stride.  They are really starting to grow in leaps and bounds and are becoming little dogs.  They all come running when I say "Pup Pup" for meal time.  And if you sit down they all want to be petted and even have belly rubs.


July 13, 2011  Puppies are 4 weeks old today.  Lots of playing starting to happen.  Have to keep an eye on them to make sure nobody gets to rough.  They got some new toys to play with today.


July 12, 2011  Another great night for the puppies.  Nice and quiet until Terry was ready to let Eve down to feed them.  Here is today's video of the pups playing while upstairs in the living room. 


July 11, 2011   The puppies are sleeping through until around 7:00 am.  The odd one still does a bit of barking throughout the night but settles down fairly quickly.  Eve is now sleeping upstairs with the other dogs.  I do a final feeding around 10:30 and let Eve finish it off so all puppies are full when they go to sleep.  Today I decided to take down the whelping box.  They prefer to sleep where it is cooler.  I have crates without doors ready for them.  We have been taking them outdoors.  Yesterday they spent most of the afternoon on the deck sleeping.  I also have a penned area set up for them in the living room so they can be with us and also get exposed to different noises etc.  Because they like it cool I wet a towel and put it down and they love to sleep on it.  When Terry got up this morning, after he fed the other dogs he then went and let Eve feed the puppies.  It was great I got to stay in bed for an extra while and then get up and have my shower while he handled the dogs.  I then fed the puppies their raw around 8:30.  Here's a video of the boy's playing together after being fed lunch.  and of the all the pups playing before they crashed for the afternoon.


July 9, 2011   The puppies slept through until almost 5:00am.  A few barks from one of them every now and then throughout the night but then they settle right back down.  The only reason I had to get up at 5 was because we let Eve sleep in the bedroom with us and she starts bugging you for breakfast around 4:30ish.  So tonight she will be bunking with in with the other two dogs in the kitchen area.   Forrest got to play with the puppies again today.  He just loves its.  Earlier this morning, Terry was watching over the pups outside the box and Forrest went down to visit and he had to play with every single one of them.  He is pretty gentle with them.  Its quite funny to watch when a few of them attack from different directions.  He almost looks afraid, like help its the attack of the killer puppies.  Here's a video of him playing with them after they had just been fed.


July 8, 2011  Decided to try feeding the pups separately.  Worked like a charm.  They were quiet and soooo much cleaner.  I decided to try taking Eve away from the puppies at night because when she is around they make lots of noise and don't settle as well.  Gave them their last feeding of raw and topped it off with momma around 10:30 pm. Then put them in their whelping box.  I have also turned off the overhead heater which forces them to dog pile which in turn keeps them quieter.  Last night was a night from hell, we didn't get much sleep, they squaked what seemed like forever.  And of course its very quiet here at night so I am worried that the sound is carrying to the neighbours. So I finally got up and went downstairs and made Eve feed them.  But it started all over again a few hours later.


July 7, 2011  Forrest got to officially meet the puppies today.  Its going to be fun watching them play when they get a bit bigger.  I think Forrest is going to be a great big brother.  video  Cynder got to meet them too but she wasn't all that interested.


July 5, 2011  Puppies had their first taste of raw food today.  I mixed ground chicken w/bone in the blender with the Puppy Gold mixture (milk replacement/supplement).  They loved it.  Here's a video of them eating and here's one of them just being outside with me in the pen with them before the feeding frenzy.  They are starting to change really fast.


July 4, 2011  Both Blue boy and Red girl have escaped the whelping box.  I found them nursing on mom in the middle of the floor.  The puppies got to go outside on the deck today.  Today's video


July 2, 2011  Little Mouse is now at 2 lbs 12 oz. She is now Miss Brown collar.  She weights the same as little Black.  I am making sure that these two get a private sitting with momma at least once or twice a day.  Its making a big difference.  Mouse is getting more aggressive at eating and won't be pushed around as much.  Little Black seems to panic a bit when feeding.  I think she is so used to being pushed out that she's scrambling to make sure she gets a spot.


July 1, 2011  Eve is still having a bit of diarrhoea so I have her on brown rice and pumpkin for today.  Here's today's video of puppies.  Puppies are starting to walk a bit more.  Blue boy has almost escaped the whelping box so the door will have to be put up.


June 30, 2011  Today was a much better day.  Everyone seems back to normal.  The two little girls lost a little weight.  No wonder, they keep getting pushed out and yesterday R. Hip girl missed a meal while at the vets.  Everyone got their collars today, except Mouse (little liver girl) who is still too small to fit into a cat collar.  The changes are:  No Mark Black Girl is now Miss Pink,  Black L. Hip girl is Miss Red,  little Black R. Hip is now Miss Black (with paw prints), Liver L. Shoulder Girl is now Miss Orange,  Black Tail mark Male is now Mr. Green, Black R. Shoulder Male is now Mr. Blue.  They are walking better, still a bit shakey, but can move around pretty good.  A few of them seem to be able to hear now.  And I have seen a few of them start to play with each other.  I introduced them to some Puppy Gold supplement today.  They got to suck it off my finger.  They all seemed to enjoy that except Miss Black who didn't want anything to do with it.  Think this might be because of the medicine she has to take.








June 29, 2010  What a day.  Didn't get much sleep last night.  The pups were very active and Eve was just ignoring them so I had to wake her up to feed them.  Then while she was feeding them around lunch time today, I noticed right hip girl had some milk coming out of her nose.  Later when they were settling down she sneezed a couple of times and some white mucus came out.  This was very concerning to me so I called the vet here in town and couldn't get her in until tomorrow late afternoon so I was able to get her into Williams Lake Vets.   She checked out fine.  No sounds in the lungs or anywhere.  Vet felt she was healthy and had a great coat.  But because of the milk thing she felt that we should get her on antibiotics to be on the safe side.  Because if she got milk in her lungs it could turn into pneumonia and she felt it was better to be safe than sorry.  If pneumonia sets in, it would be quick and much harder to fight.  When I had left I had to decide whether to give Eve or Forrest access to the doggy door.  I decided to give Forrest the access and to leave Eve in the whelping room with the pups.  Turned out not to be the best decision.  Eve had diarhea.  While I was cleaning up that mess, she went upstairs and continued on the floor in the kitchen.  I let her outside for a bit then decided to feed all the dogs as it was way past their feeding time.  Within about 5 minutes of feeding Eve she threw everything up from dinner and lunch all over the basement floor.  Couldn't believe she had that much in her.  I could tell that it was caused from her eating poop.   What a stinking mess.  Finally got all cleaned up and Eve is now starving so I am cooking some rice for her.  And of course, I'm out of pumpkin.    To add to all of this kaos, Forrest is scratching like crazy cause he is covered with black fly bites and Eve has a really bad ear infection.


June 28, 2011  Day 13 video 


June 26, 2011  Now that the pups are starting to move around a bit more I'll try and get video's posted to YouTube.  I'd post here, but some people can't access video on my site.  Here are links to the video's, uploaded in 4 parts.

part 1  part 2  part 3  part 4


June 25, 2011  Some of the puppies are starting to open their eyes. 


June 24, 2011  I finally got some decent sleep last night.  I made sure Eve was fed just before bedtime and that when she fed the pups all of them got in on it.  I've noticed that sometimes one or more of them sleep through the feeding and when they wake up Momma is finished and not in the box.  Then we get lots of barking.  Did I mention they have found their bark and they know how to use it to get what they want.  When she fed throughout the night, I would make sure all knew about it and I also took that opportunity to feed her.  So everything went much better and I was able to get more than an hour or so at a time.   This a.m. when I left her on her own for awhile well I had my coffee and checked e-mails etc then returned downstairs, guess who had climbed up on my bed - that's right, little liver girl (Mouse).  Wonder how she managed that mom.  Later I went down again and guess who had managed to make their way to the dog bed across the room - little r. hip girl.  Its funny how the liver always gets put up on my bed and the little black gets put on her bed.  I think these two little ones are getting used to it.  They just curl up and go to sleep.  My concerns about all of this is there is no additional heat and also they might crawl over to the edge of the beds and fall off.


June 23, 2011  Eve still taking the 2 little ones and putting either on my bed or on her bed.  When I went out today I penned the area so she couldn't access the beds.  Everyone is gaining weight.  So tired, getting only about 1 1/2 hours at a time.  These pups are very vocal when they want to be fed.  Eve is finally starting to spend short periods of time with the rest of the family.  Especially if there is food around.


June 21, 2011  Eve brought little black girl onto my bed in the middle of the night.  Immediately took her back to the whelping box.  Not sure what to do about this, may end up having to put an x-pen around the box at night and when away.   All puppies have put on more weight, I was getting a little concerned about Mouse, but she put on 2 oz today. R. Shoulder Male is growing like a weed.   Eve's temperature is now back to normal and she is feeling much more chipper.  Has spent some time outside with me and the other dogs.  She got a little grooming today.  Eve loves to be groomed.


June 20, 2011  All puppies had their first nail trimming today.  Had to go out for a few hours today and when I got home Eve had little black girl on the bed and little liver girl on the dog bed.  They were sound asleep, but am worried about keeping them warm.


June 19, 2011  Eve has started to carry one of the little black puppies around.  Twice she has brought it onto to my bed.  I have decided to move my bed a bit closer to the whelping box so if she wants to get on my bed she can still see the babies.  Although I have noticed that whenever the two little ones get to far away she will pick them up and move them close to her.  This morning while I was having my coffee downstairs with her, she brought me the little black girl again.   I took it from her and put it back in the box.  Will have to keep an eye on this.


June 18, 2011  Eve woke me up this morning so I could watch her babies while she went out to the pen area to dig a hole.  I have now put the door on the doggy door so she can't get out without me.  Don't want her to take babies outside.  


June 17, 2011  Eve and puppies are doing great.  They are eating well and all have put on weight except the little blk girl.  She lost an oz yesterday but put it back on today.  Eve is also eating well.  She is a little hesitant to go outside to the bathroom.  She doesn't want to leave her babies.







June 15, 2011  Eve had her puppies.  She started nesting early in the morning and throughout the day was showing signs that the time was coming close.  At 9:01, she gave birth to the first baby girl, and by 10:14 she had given birth to 5 puppies 4 girls and 1 boys.  She took a break and at 11:13 she gave birth to another two puppies finishing at 11:40 pm.   Final total is 3 blk girls, 2 liver girls, 2 black boys.  2 of the puppies are very tiny.  The liver girl was a surprise as we didn't even know she had been born and she didn't have a sack or a placenta attached.  She was just kinda flaying around.  But she was breathing and went to feed right away.  She weighed only 8 oz.  The other small blk girl was almost similiar in I just happened to notice these feet sticking up.  Her sack and placenta had burst and she had a bit of fluid in her mouth, but that came out quickly on its own and she started feeding immediately also.  She weighed 10 oz.  The other puppies weighed 1 lb 1 oz, 1 lb 2 oz, 1 lb, 14 oz and 1 lb  4 oz..  Eve took care of all the puppies by cleaning them and cutting the cord herself.  I let her eat the first placenta then discarded the rest of them.  Early the next morning it looked like she expelled the missing placenta.  I couldn't get a good look as she ate it so fast.  All the puppies started feeding quickly.  I will have to make sure I give a little extra hand to the two small girls as the bigger ones know how to push their way in and won't move.  Eve is being a fabulous mom.  She is eating and drinking lots of broth. 


Birthday - June 15, 2011









Feeding Frenzy          Day 1 - Everyone Happy    Comparison of the sm blk & Liver to other pups


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