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CH Eagletarn Radford's Forrest, CD, ADC, SGDC

Blog - year two +

I'November 8, 2014  Took Forrest in for check up.  He weighs 75 lbs.  His thyroid (T4) is a little low, but his TSH & Free T4's are normal so vet figures its due to allergies, possibly environmental.

September 6, 2014  Forrest finally got his final Starter Jumpers Q at the Quesnel Agility Trial.  That gives him his Starters Games Dog title.  He also got his first advanced Q in gamblers.


August 29, 2014  Forrest attended the 2014 FCRSC National Specialty in Kamloops.  Unfortunately he didn't make the cut.






August 23 & 24, 2014  Forrest competed in our annual Cariboo Agility Team's agility trial.  He Qualified in Snooker.  Still need that elusive starter jumpers Q.


July 19, 2014  Forrest completes his CD title.  He got his title at the first trial at the Sporting Dog Show.  It's a good thing he got it the first day because he was sooooo distracted on Sunday.









June 6, 2014  Forrest ran in the Steeplechase at this years AAC agility Regionals.  He didn't qualify, still not running like himself.  Took him in to see Dr. Lane (Chiro) and he has a shoulder injury.  Needs lots of rest - no off leash running.  Not sure if thats going to happen.  But will do our best.  Have started him on Recovery.


May 31, 2014  I took all 3 dogs to an agility trial in Kamloops, still no Q for Forrest.  He didn't seem himself.


May 3 & 4, 2014  Forrest competed in his very first Obedience Trial in Burns Lake.  He was entered in 4 obedience and 2 conformation.  He got two legs towards his CD (one under Micheal Calhoun and 1 under Karen Brearly and also won Select Male in one of the conformation shows.


March 8, 2014  All the dogs competed at the Top Dog Trial in Prince George.  No Q's this week-end.  Still dropping 1 bar in jumpers.


May 18 & 19, 2013  Forrest competed at the Top Dog Trial in Prince George.  He had a great day on saturday, even with the downpour.  He Q'd in Starters Gamblers, Starters Snooker and 2 Starter Standards.  He moves up into Advanced in all 3.  Still having problems with jumpers.  Click on the links below to view videos.

Starter Gambler 1 - no video available - 1st & Q

Starter Jumpers 1 -

Starter Snooker 1 - - 1st & Q
Starter Standard 1 - - 1st & Q
Starter Standard 2 - - 1st & Q
Starters Jumpers 2 -

Advanced Snooker 2 -

Advanced Standard 3 -


April 6 & 7, 2013   Forrest competes at PAC agility trial at the coast.  Under Tracey Mallinson, Forrest qualifies in Starters Standard, Starters Gamblers and Starters Snooker.  He is starting to get it and feel more comfortable with our routine.


March 2013  Forrest attends the Top Dog agility trial.  No qualifying runs but it was great exposure for Forrest.  He actually behaves in the ring, no zoomies


December 7 & 8, 2012   At this years Auld Lang Syne show.  Forrest completes his Championship.   He was shown by Anna Daly in Bred by and Irena Lien in Breed ring. ( I was busy with Autumn)  On Friday under Judge: Mr. C. Trotter and at the FCR booster on Saturday under Judge: Mrs. P. Trotter  he wins WD & BOW both days.


November 17th, 2012   Forrest's titre came back and he is protected.  Yeah...


November 14, 2012  Forrest had his parvo titre done today.  Should know results soon.  He weighed in at 72 lbs.


September 23, 2012   Forrest was entered in the Mt. Cheam Dog Show in Chilliwack.  Friday, Saturday he took reserve male against his brother Pocos who took BOB both days.  On Sunday, Forrest took WD, Best of Opposite (to Sia who took BOB) and Best of Winners.  He now only needs 1 more point for his championship.   We have to work on Forrest getting his tail down when he is strutting his stuff in the ring.  It's fine when he stacks, but he has started to carry it pretty high when we are showing.  He's starting to be a mocho guy.  He also needs to get his coat back.  Not sure what to do about this.







September 18, 2012  Received Forrest's Patella results today - Normal.


September 16, 2012  Forrest competed in his first official AAC agility trial with Clear Sailing in Quesnel.  No Q's, but he did pretty good.  Didn't like the tire.  But didn't seem to have a problem with 26" jumps.  His last run of the day was a steeplechase and he got really distracted with a dog that snapped at him outside the ring.  Couldn't get him to focus on the weaves, so I decided rather than the two of us getting frustrated through the rest of the run, I pulled him.

Here is his very first official AAC run.  He was a little unsure of some of the equipment but he still managed to gather enough opening points in his Gamble.



August 28, 2012   Received the OFA results today.  Forrest`s hips are EXCELLENT.  Elbows are normal.  For some strange reason I haven`t received the results for the Patella.  Turns out there was a mix up and they have now been resent.


July 22, 2012   Happy 2nd birthday Forrest.  And for his birthday  and After the specialty was all over we took him to have his hips/elbows and patella x-rayed.  Pending OFA,  the vet said everything looked great.  His hips are excellent.


July 20, 2012  We attended the FCRSC National Specialty.  Forrest placed 4th in the Bred By class - shown by his breeder Anna Daly.   He did a great job.  Here's the video: 






June 30-July 2, 2012     Forrest competed in the Nicola Valley Kennel Club's Conformation Show.  He was very successful.  He won 2 Best of Breeds, 2 Best of Winners, 2 Winners Dog under Judges Mrs,. Elaine Whitney from Ontario and Kornelija Butrimova from Lithuana and 1 Reserve Winners Dog under Judge Mr. Robert Whitney.  He earned another 4 points and should now have 6 points.     Here's a link to the video







June 16, 2012  Forrest participated in the Cariboo Kennel Club's CKC sanctioned match.  He placed 2nd and got Reserve male.


June 10, 2012  Today Forrest moved from the channel weaves to regular 24" weaves.  If all goes as planned, hoping to enter him in his first trial this year.


June 8, 2012  A little conformation practice with Forrest.


May 30, 2012  Forrest and I are learning how to Track.  He really enjoys it and he has a wonderful nose. you can view his training video at   You can also view his best friend "Gunny" practicing his tracking 


May 23, 2012  Took Forrest into the vets to get weighed and he is 70.4 lbs.  With Eve being in season I think he may drop a few pounds over the next week or so.  He gets so worked up he throws up his meals.  Poor fella.  He's doing great on his weave training and loves his contacts.


March 25, 2012  Took Forrest to Eve's hunt practice today.  He was great on the first retrieve using a bumper but when we switched to a bird he had no idea what to do with it.  We haven't worked birds yet.  Later I took him aside and just worked on retrieving a bumper and he did pretty good.  Hopefully we will get a chance to work more on this.  His obedience is coming along nicely except when he is very excited.  He also got to do some agility at practice on Saturday.  He had no problem with the dog walk, which he used to be leary on.  I must say he was a bit wild.  Lots of work to do here too

December 9, 2011  Forrest is entered in the Auld Lang Syne dog show as a 12 - 18 Month male.  Friday, Show 1 under Judge Ms. C Shaw he is Reserve Male.  Show #2 under Judge Mr. R. Goldstone he takes Winners Male.  Saturday was the Flat Coat Booster and we were looking forward to showing but unfortunately Forrest got his tail caught in the heavy fire exit door.  I was coming back in with both him and Autumn when Autumn bolted forward and Forrest sat down and the door was closing on his tail.  I caught it before it closed completely thank god.  As it was he sustained a huge open gash.  Blood was flying everywhere.  I tried to get the bleeding under control but it wouldn't stop.  We ended up with blood all over our hotel room.  We cleaned it the best we could and the hotel did a fabulous job of the remaining clean up.  Had to take Forrest to the vet.  I was lucky a vet close by was open and was able to get us in at 9:30 am.  His tail wasn't broken but they had to put him out so they could do stitches.  They did a fabulous job.  4 Stitches and very little hair removed.  So he missed the booster on saturday but was able to show on Sunday.  His tail was a bit droopey at the end but otherwise he was back to himself.   He will be on antibiotics for awhile but otherwise it doesn't seem to bother him.


December 4, 2011  Forrest is now going up on the grooming table without any problems.  We still play ball and he has to be on the table for me to throw it.  Eve is in season and poor Forrest has been having a few problems with that.  Besides the constant whining he started to throw up his meals so I had to hand feed him kibble, one kibble at a time, to get some food into him.  I was trying to bulk him up for the upcoming show next week but that's now become a bit more difficult.   We have a pen set up in the living room to separate the two of them when we are at home and at night Eve sleeps in our bedroom.  Forrest doesn't seem to have a problem at night sleeping in his crate in the kitchen.  Starts to make lots of fuss in the morning.  Today he seems a bit calmer.  Took him along with Cynder and Autumn for a walk to the valley.


November 16, 2011  Worked with Forrest on getting on the grooming table.  He has a fear of heights I think.  If I put him on the table he freezes so I have trained him to put his paws on the table on command, then I release him.  Today I folded the legs on the table and put it on the floor.  He had no problem going on it even though it was stable.  He got lots of treats and we played with his favourite ball.  Then I raised it by putting it on a couple of chairs.  He wasn't so happy about that but eventually he got on it.  Lots of treats and he got to chase his ball.  He did this for a few times so I decided to end our session on a happy note.


November 2, 2011  Took Forrest in to be weighed today, he is 62.6 lbs.  He is such a skinny boy right now.  I have increased his raw food to 2 lbs a day and I just can't seem to put weight on him.  So I have started to add carbs, like Yams, Potato's, Macaroni to his diet at lunch time.  We need to bulk him up a bit more before the December show.  I am looking forward to putting him in the Auld Lang Syne show to practice showing him.  Although right now he doesn't have a coat either but we need some practice before the specialty in the summer.


October 11, 2011  It's been awhile since I last posted about Forrest.  Been very busy with puppies.  I have been working with his healing, sit and down stays and I think he is finally getting a brain.  Recently we have started to work on agility.  2 X 2 weaves, we are using 4 weaves not quite together yet.  He now does a full height teeter and loves it.  I then spent about 20 minutes the other day to teach him to do the A-frame and dogwalk.  I couldn't believe how fast he learned these two contacts.  He loves agility.  He's still a handful but we are starting to make progress.


August 4, 2011  Forrest has been a great big brother.  He plays with the puppies all the time.  Check out my "Radford Retrievers" youtube page for videos.


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