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Planned breeding fall/winter 2015


If you wish to be added to our puppy waiting list, please complete the form on the left and forward to 

Important Info for U.S. applicants:


Unfortunately due to the recent changes to the CDC (Center for Disease Control) regulations requiring dogs imported into the United States be vaccinated against rabies before arrival, I can no longer sell puppies to the U.S.  These requirements apply equally to all dogs, including puppies and service animals. puppies can no longer be sold from Canada to the United States.   Puppies must have a rabies vaccine at least 1 month before crossing the border and the earliest a puppy can get a rabies shot is 3 months. (not really recommended).  Therefore they can not enter the U.S. until they are 4 months of age.  Application can be made for an exception, but it is hit or miss on whether you will get an exception.   You can find further information here or FAQ here.

Some important information on our upcoming litter for potential puppy buyers:


Autumn was raised on raw and remains on raw and her puppies will be weaned on raw food.   If you prefer to feed kibble once you receive the puppy you will need to switch over gradually.


We follow Dr. Jean Dodd's vaccination protocol and require all puppies follow this protocol.



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