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Eve's Blog Birth to 8 months

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March 22, 2009   Went to the school yard and practiced our conformation with Judy today.  We have our first conformation show in 4 days. You can view our conformation practice on you tube by clicking here.  After lunch and a nap we went outside to practice some retrieves in our driveway.  The snow is finally starting to melt but there is still too much in the fields to practice.  Click here to view our retrieve practice on you tube.  I did some practice with Cynder after Eve and Cynder was being a little brat.   Next time I'll have to take Cynder out first. 


March 15, 2009  Eve weighs 44 lbs.  We have been working on Eve letting me hold her chin so that I can eventually move her feet to place them when she is stacking.  Well, I found out pretty quick that she doesn't like to be held in place for any period of time.  She fought me every time I tried to hold her chin.   So I figured it would be best if we go back a few steps and clicker train her to put her chin into my hand.  This was much more effective.  So now I can just hold my hand out at her chin level and she will gladly put her chin in it.  Boy, some little girl likes to do things her way..... I can put a bit of pressure on it and even turn her head slightly to get her to pick up her left paw.  So we are making progress. 

I have tried to give her some freedom when we are not at home by putting her with the other dogs and cat in the basement but she is starting to get very destructive and has chewed up a few things so I think we will go back to the crate for another few month.  At night I am letting her have access to the kitchen and living room and most of the time she is OK but I think the crate is coming back for this also.  She's just not ready for the big dog stuff yet.

We were supposed to go into a conformation fun match this week-end so we would have an opportunity to practice before her first CKC conformation show Mar 26 & 27th.   Oh well, I guess we'll both be going in green.  


Feb 23, 2009  Eve is now 6 months old.  Wow how time flies.  She is a very smart little girl.  Loves to learn new things. She weighs 42 lbs.

Eve at 6 months of age - looking very grown up







 Here is a list of things she can do so far:  

- is learning the difference between her show lead and her obedience lead. 

-"shows" by going a bit ahead of me and looking forward with a real nice pace.

- has a stand but still needs to work on back feet.

- heals next to me on and off lead and sits when I stop.

- backs up on "beeb" about 20 feet and can catch the toy I throw at her.

- can sit and down on command and stay for both.  We are working on me going behind her while she holds her sit or down.

- can "fetch up" up to about 40 - 50 feet and bring the bumper/bird back to me.  Sometimes to hand.

- will go to side and sit and wait to be released to the bumper.

- shake a paw

- do a 10" jump on command

- do a tunnel on command

- perform a low teeter.

- perform a full height dog walk and do her contact at the end (she did this all by herself)

- go into a crate when told and will not come out until released - even with the door open.

- has a very intense stare into your eyes when you ask her to watch.

- Leave it.

- comes when I call "here"

- sits and comes on a whistle



February 15, 2009  Eve is doing great.  She didn't seem to have any effects from her little mishap.  We took the dogs for a 1 1/2 hours walk on the frozen lake.





                                                        This is as close as the dogs are going to get to water for a few more months.


February 13, 2009  Eve was a bad little girl today.  The cat apparently got a hold of a prescription of Celebrex which I had just had filled today. (Normally all meds are kept in a medicine cabinet but I left them at the back of the counter out of reach of the dogs, so my husband would see that I filled it) The cat must of pushed it from the back of the bathroom counter to the floor.    Eve got the container and took it to the living room where she preceded to eat 16 - 17 of them.  She was still in the middle of eating them when we discovered what was going on.  You can imagine the panic.  Unfortunately I didn't have anything on hand to induce vomiting so I made an emergency call to the vets.  This was after hours.  We immediately took Eve in and the vet gave her a morphine based pill in her eye to induce vomiting.  It took about 4 - 5 minutes for the pill to take affect.  It seemed that the capsules had dissolved but it looked like there was still the white powder in her stomach contents along with her dinner.  We then put her on liquids to help things clear and had to leave my poor little baby overnight.  I had them put a cone on her head because I was sure she would eat the intervenes tube.  They took blood work in the morning and both liver and kidney came back normal.  I will be giving her milk thistle to make sure the liver is cleansed and she will go back in a couple of weeks for a follow up.  Scary, scary, scary....


Feb 6, 2009  Eve weighs in at 39 lbs and approx 20 1/2" (still having problems having her stand still long enough to measure her).  Today I decided to try and get her to place her feet in the right position for stacking by teaching her to touch a narrow piece of carpet with her front paws.  Once she gets this I will teach her to touch a piece of lino with her back paws.  Then put the two together.  I was clicker training her looking forward and its so funny to see her offer this behaviour when we are working on something else.  She will quickly turn her head away then back to me to see if she's going to get anything.  She's very intense and quick when she does it.


Feb 1, 2009    Click here for a video of Eve's training showing her back up.  I have fast forwarded through a lot of the boring stuff.


January 27, 2009  Eve weighs 35.4 lbs and approx 20" tall.  She hasn't put on a lot of weight, I've cut back on how much I feed her a lunch.   I have notice she is getting sleeker and a wee bit taller.   We've been working on a little bit more showing.  I have stopped throwing the treats ahead so she will keep her head up.  She seems to understand the show command.  She starts to go forward by herself.  Also worked on the stack by having her touch my hand with her nose.  Hopefully this way I won't have to bribe her with a treat all the time.  Took the dogs for a walk in Walker Valley.  They had a great time

Eve pretending she's a pointerWatch out here they comeEve and Cynder relaxing on a bench


January 19, 2009  We've been working on her backing up and she's doing great.  I have now added a name to the behaviour.  "Beep".  We have also been doing some retrieve work.  Eve is an awesome little retriever.  The last couple of days I did a few short retrieves in my basement.  Yesterday I did a couple outside on the driveway (too much snow to do it anywhere else).  She did very well with me throwing, so today I had Terry come out and throw some for her.  She went to the first bumper right away then took it back to Terry, I whistled her and called her and she then brought it back to my hand.  We threw 5 more and each time she marked it and brought it back to my hand.  She was very excited to go and get the bumper.  One even landed in the snow pile on the side of the driveway but she had marked it and went and got it.  Distance was probably 30 - 40 ft.


January 11, 2009  Finally got a picture of Eve without using a flash - you can actually see her eye color.









January 9, 2009  20 weeks old. Eve is 34 lbs today and approx 19 inches tall.  Its very difficult to measure her since she doesn't stand still for very long.

Eve getting a grooming on the table







January 6, 2009  Click Here to see a video of Eve and I practicing our showing.  Sometimes she side whines when she runs so we will be working on strengthening her back legs.  In the meantime, I am using the same method I am using with getting Cynder to go straight.  That's by putting a leash around the back end and gently guiding it to the proper position.  Unfortunately the part of the video taken showing her from the side doesn't show a lot but I thought I'd leave it in so you could see a bit.


December 23, 2008 - 4 months old today and 29 lbs


December 20, 2008 - 17 weeks old today.  They grow so fast.  We practiced our stacking today.  Tried to take pictures.  Its really hard to take the picture and to stack the dog, even with a timer on the camera.


Practicing stack - 17 weeks





December 15. 2008   Eve weighs 27.4 lbs and is starting to get her butt feathers.

click here to view a fetch training video with Eve

    A couple of flattie reindeer






December 12, 2008   Worked on clicker training retrieves using the paint roller with plastic ends attached.  Took her a few minutes to catch on to the fact I wanted her to pick it up, but once she did she had no problem.  I decided to clicker train this vs just letting her go on instinct because although she would go and get the roller and bring it back to me she would only do it a couple of times then she would get distracted and go do her own thing.

After playing in snow






December 10, 2008  Here is a video of a training/review session with Eve.


December 1, 2008   Eve had her Bordetella and Rabies shots today.  She weighed in at 24 lbs.  Haven't done a lot of training other than throwing a few paint rollers and took her with us again to Cynder's hunt practice where she got to retrieve a couple of small cloth bumpers with a wing on it.  She has really bonded with Cynder.  Cynder is so patient while Eve chews on her ears until they are soaked. 


14 weeks old





November 25, 2008  Yesterday Eve and I worked on sit on whistle.  She did very very well.  Picked it up after about 2 whistles.  She already comes to a couple of toots on the whistle thanks to Randy using the whistle to feed the puppies when they first started to eat regular food.  The day before we had worked on healing on leash.  She did pretty good, lost her on the turns though.  She is still doing her downs nicely and her recalls are coming along.  She's sleeping through the night totally now.  Doesn't get up until Terry has finished his shower and dressed for work.  He then goes out and feeds all the dogs and the cat too. 


Its snowing again - can we come in?





November 16, 2008  Eve is 12 weeks old and is coming along nicely.  She joined her sister Cynder at her agility trial in Kamloops today.  When we went for a walk she got introduced to a train going by, a large shepard barking at her from the other side of the fence, horses on the other side of fence, a JRT saying hi until Eve got a little too pushy so the JRT gave her a very small snip to put her in her place.  Eve immediately sat down.  She was cuddled and got to meet some really nice dogs and other puppies.  All in all if was a very good experience for her.  Both Eve and Cynder laid quietly in the car for the 2 hour drive in both directions. 






Our first stack at 12 weeks   Cynder not too happy about sharing her crate   Eve going for the great escape using Cynder as a ladder 


November 9, 2008  Eve is doing pretty good with her sits and downs.  Played the who can go down the fastest game with the 3 dogs and she was pretty quick, she even beat Cynder a couple of times.  Of course she got a cookies every time. Introduced her to "here".  In close quarters she comes every time.  Took her to Cynder's hunt practice and she got to fetch her pigeon and she carried a bumper for a long distance from the training field to the truck.  Also did her sits, downs and here's.  When we were practicing retrieving the bird the other people were setting up for our next set of practice exercises and they tested the bumper boy.  I didn't know they were going to do this so I was not prepared and Eve was in the process of bringing the bird back to me when it went off, and it was really loud.  It startled her and she dropped the bird and came running back to me.  I helped to relax her, gave her some treats then we did the exercise again.  It took her a few moments but she got back into the swing of things.  Thank goodness. I then took her over to the training field so we could reward her when the guns and the bumper boy went off.  She had no problem with the sounds this time.  She goes in for her second set of shots today.  This week-end she will be going to her first agility trial to watch Cynder compete and to get used to all the sounds and smells.


11 weeks old at Cynder's Hunt Practice



Nap time after a hard day




November 4, 2008  Eve's first snowfall today.  Cynder and Eve had a great time.  Cynder showed her how to dig your face into the white stuff.  We also did more downs today and she's now responding to verbal command. 


First Snow





November 3, 2008  Took Eve for a nice long walk up in the Hills.  She got a little tired so I put her in a pouch I had brought with me just in case.  Carried her for a little while then let her walk the rest of the way.  She does really well walking on leash.   She has really taken to our cat - Cali.  She pounces on her then chases her.  Its quite humorous to watch her chase the cat into the kitchen then within a few moments the cat is chasing her back to the living room.  She is now sitting and waiting to be released to her food in her crate.  I feed her in her crate for a couple of reasons, one so she will learn to really love her crate and another is so the other dogs don't get to help themselves to her meals.  Ginger is a little piranha.   She's still sleeping through the night, woke up once at 5:30, went outside, then settled right back down until 7:00.  She's getting the down and will go down sometimes.  I have waited for her to offer me this behaviour which took a little longer but she finally did, so hopefully this will make her downs more solid.  We're working on her no bite since she loves to chew on everything including me.  Went for a long car ride today to Williams Lake and back (over 2 hours) and she behaved very well in the car along with the other dogs.  I started to introduce her brushing her teeth a few days ago and she has already started to let me use Cynders electric toothbrush.  Its mostly about eating the beef toothpaste but its a start.


Eve in Gingers Pouch                                                                     Watching the Hockey Game






October 31, 2008  We've been working on sit and down using the clicker.  She got the sit on command within 4 minutes and we are still working on the down.  Have only done it a few times since we only work for a few minutes at a time.  We've also been doing retrieves using the paint roller.  We do this first thing in the morning when she's really active and only do about 4 retrieves down the hall.  I am trying not to overdo the training sessions.  I want to make sure she is comfortable playing with me - which she certainly seems to be.  Cynder is now playing with her.  The moons must have aligned just right this morning - she slept until 7:00 when Terry got up.   She's a very happy little girl, full of energy.  I am feeding her raw for her morning meal, Evo kibble for her lunch and a combination of Evo with a homemade beef based concoction that I feed Cynder.


In the backyard Oct 31, 2008





October 25-26, 2008  Eve is sleeping thru the night.  She woke up this am at 6:40 only because Cynder decided it was time for everyone to get up.  We've had a couple of busy days.  Worked with Eve on clicker training and the box.  It took her about 30 seconds to pick up on it.  She had a car ride into town and was very well behaved.  Today she joined her sister in some hunt practice.  I introduced her to gun fire.  First from a distance than within 10 feet.  She barely even noticed by the time we got close to her with it.  She was able to play with a pigeon.  She really liked that a lot. Picked it up and carried it.   After we were finished practice at the 150 and on our way home we stopped at the 108 lake to let Cynder have a last retrieve in the water before it freezes and Eve actually went to run in then the cold hit her and she came out pretty fast.  I don't think we will have too much trouble with getting her in the water once spring arrives.  Once we got home I gave both the dogs a nice warm bath.  Eve weighs 15.8 lbs today.


First Visit to the 108 Lake




first bath in her new home






October 24, 2008   Best night so far, she slept until 5:30.  I was awake before she was. Took her out then put her back into her crate and she settled down again until 7:00. (This is when my husband gets up).  Big bonus - I didn't even have to lay next to the crate.  She really surprised me this morning when she went to the sliding door and sat in front of it.  When I let her out she went poop.  Yeah.......  She repeated this in the afternoon when she woke up and I didn't realize it until I heard a small whine from the kitchen.  Gooooood dog.







October 23, 2008  Woke up at 3:30 and 5:30 again.  Tried to take her back to bed with me, but all she wanted to do was play and chew on my hands so put her back in her crate where she settled down quickly.  While I was preparing the dogs food I realized she had scampered away to the living room and by the time I got there she had pooped.  Got to get this timing down better.  Took the dogs for a short walk to Walker Valley.  Eve wasn't too keen on the leash but by the time we were headed home she was walking fine.  I introduced her to the clicker today.


October 17 - 22, 2008 Eve has now been selected.  Formerly known as no mark then Blue girl.  I selected this pup because of her all round testing.  She has nice conformation but the main reason is her personality and her birdyness.  Everytime she was shown a bird she went straight for it and would pick it up and carry it.  She has an independent side yet loves to be with people. 

On her first car ride back to my daughters place in Vancouver, she was placed in a crate where she proceeded to yelp, bark, cry, whine, howl and any other sound you can think of all at the top of her lungs.  This lasted for about 10 - 15 minutes.  She then stopped, laid down and relaxed.  I'm not sure, but this is also when I started to sing to a song on the radio.  Once we got to our destination I unloaded all the stuff from my car while she slept in her crate.  I then took her inside and she slept for a while longer.  Once she woke up she whined slightly and I took her outside where she went pee.  We played for awhile until she was tired again so I put her back into her crate and stayed close by.  This time she whined slightly then settled right in.  After her nap we went for our first walk.  It was a beautiful sunny fall day and we walked for 1 1/2 blocks.  Our walk took about 1/2 hour.  Lots to see along the way and leaves to play in.  She was a little hesitant at times when dogs barked or vehicles started up but soon got used to these noises.





When we returned, she went by herself into her crate for a nap.  After this she would go into the crate whenever she was tired.  At night I put her open crate inside an x-pen next to my bed.  Around 3:00 & 5:30 am she whined to be let out for a pee but settled back down when put back in her pen.  She slept until 7:00 am.  The next night went pretty much the same.  The only accident we have had is a poop and that was because when I took her out I thought she was finished and she wasn't.

Our trip home to 108 Mile Ranch was a bit longer than normal.  I had to go pick up some raw food in Surrey and while on my way I found out that the big bag of Evo dog food I had bought was left behind in Vancouver so I also had to find a pet store in Langley that carried this brand.  Once all my running around was complete we headed for home.   Eve was a very good traveller.  For the most part she laid quietly in her crate only whining when she needed to go to the bathroom.  I would stop, she'd go, then go back into her crate.  From the time I left my daughters till I got home was approx 7 hours.  That was a long time for Eve to be in her crate (with the occasional pit stops).  She was great.

Once home she was introduced to Cynder, Ginger and our cat Cali.  It went rather well.  Cynder's nose is really out of joint, but that will change.  I have a large wire crate set up for her in the kitchen and this is where she will be sleeping at night.  She wasn't as happy about this since I was not there.  She made a big kafuffle so I laid down beside the crate until she settled.  She's waking up around 1:30 am and 5:30 am to go to the bathroom and will not settle back down unless I lay next to the crate.  Once she is sleeping I go back to bed.   This has happened both nights so far.  I may bring her into the bedroom for awhile so that I can get some sleep.  I'm really happy with her letting me know she needs to go out.  So far I have not had one pee inside.  I've been able to get her outside during the day.  Although she hasn't been as successful with going poop.  We've had a couple of accidents with this.

The cat is trying to play with her and Cynder has tried once.  Ginger is being Ginger and just nips at her.







8 weeks of Age






Blue Girl is Selected                                                                                                         Blue Girl & purple boy  Eve, Sia Wicklow



                                5 Weeks Old   Video 1       Video 2     Video3





Puppies at 2 weeks of age







Puppies 1 week of age












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