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CH Radford Autumn's Eve RN CGN

Blog - Year two +

September 2017  Autumn had a very successful September.  She received a BOB & BOS at the Kamloops show and a Group 2.  We then went to the Lower Mainland show where she got 3 BOB and 2 BOS along with another group 2.  Only needs 4 more points for her GCH.  She also managed to finally get her starters standard in agility in Quesnel.    We're on a roll.

May 2017  At the Kelowna dog show Autumn earned a BOS and a SF.

February 25 & 26, 2017  We attended the Mt. Cheam Dog Show and Autumn was awarded a Best of Opposite in Saturday's conformation show and later in the day she competed in her first ever Rally Obedience competition.   She was awesome - we competed in Novice B - scores are out of 100 and on Saturday under judge Gwen Roswell she earned a 98 - had a couple of tight leads.  On Sunday under judge Laura Thompson she received a perfect score of 100 for a Best in Class.  Also on Sunday under judge Laura Thompson she completed her Novice Rally title with a score of 97.  We were both tired and she had a couple off sits.  I was so proud of my girl.  I was so worried that she would want to go visit the judge or the ring steward, but she was focused on me.  

February 24, 2017  Autumn had her yearly OFA eye exams today. 

March 2, 2016  Unfortunatey the little girl passed away early in the morning.  She had some sort of breathing problems and also wasn't able to suckle.   We had been tube feeding her and had her at the vet the night before for sub-Q fluids and antibiotics.  But she didn't make it.  We hare heartbroken. 

February 27, 2016  Autumn had 4 puppies, 1 boy and 3 girls. Boy 1 lb 1 oz, 1st girl 1 lb 2 oz, 2nd girl 1 lb, 3rd girl 11 oz.

January 22, 2016  Pegnancy has been confirmed.  Vet says 5 or 6. 

December 25-27 2015  Autumn was bred to Lync.  We travelled to Alberta to do a natural breeding.  We had a couple days of sucessful breedings.  With it being the christmas season we were not able to test her progesterone so had to go by her last breeding to figure out when she might ovulate. 

July 11, 2015  All the puppies have gone to their forever homes.  Autumn seems OK with this.  She's looking forward to our camping and swimming trip.

June 20, 2015 Autumnn had her OFA eye exam today, passed with flying colours.

June 15, 2015  Happy 4th birthday.  Can't believe this litter is already 4. 

May 12, 2015  Autumn had 3 puppies.  1 male and 2 females.  We had expected at least one more but it wasn't meant to be. 


April 9, 2015  Pregnancy has been confirmed by ultrasound.   click here to follow Autumn's pregnancy and puppies.


Puppies due May 10, 2015





March 11, 2015  Autumn has been bred to Prairielight Living Daylights "Pippin" owned by Hans & Margerets Berin.  She was bred using frozen semen.  We are very excited about this breeding.  Pippin was Select Male at the 2014 National Specialty.  You can see more information on the parents here.  And you can follow along with the pregnancy and puppies here.


November 21&22, 2014  We competed at the Elsie Murray Dog Show at the coast.  Autumn did very well.  Took WB both days and BOW and BOS on Saturday, completing her canadian championship.


November 1, 2014 - Autumn competed in Top Dog's agility.  Had a few really good runs, but no Q's. 


September 6, 2014.  Autumn qualified in Starter Snooker at the Quesnel Agility Trial,  She now moves up to advanced snooker.  She had a beautiful starter jumpers run, but decided to bypass the last obstacle and go straight for the cookie bag.  Naughty girl.


August 29 & 30, 2014.  Autumn placed 1st in Bred by Exhibitor class in the 2014 FCRSC National Specialty under Judge Erling Pedersen from Denmark.  She also placed 1st in Bred by Exhibitor class in the all breed show put on by the Kamloops District and Kennel Club, boostered by the  Flat-Coat Society, under judge Doug Windsor.  Autumn moves beautifully and really enjoys being in the show ring.  I am very proud of my little girl.


August 14, 2014   Autumn has unexpectively gone into season.  Worst timing ever - with the specialty coming up.  Of course it was a day after the conformation closed for the Kamloops trials.  I had her entered in Rally but had to pull her. 


July 5, 2014  Autumn competed in Clear Sailing agility trial in Quesnel.  She did much better.  Runs like crazy.  She Q'd in Starter Snooker and also Starter Jumpers.  In the jumpers the course time was 40 seconds and she ran it clean in 22.16 seconds,  the fastest time in the class.


June 6, 2014  Autumn ran in Steeplechase in this years AAC Regionals.  She had a great time and is starting to pay closer attention to me.













June 4, 2014  Autumn had her CERF/OFA eyes done today and she passed her OFA.  Also did a gonioscopy and  her angles aren't perfect but Dr. says they are OK for breeding.  She also had her Hips, Elbows and patella done the next day and she has a nice solid patella and great looking elbows and vet figures good to excellent hips.  But will have to wait until we get the OFA results.  So she's ready to go for breeding on her next season.

Received her OFA hips results, they are Excellent,  Yeah......


March 8, 2014  Took the dogs to Prince George for an agility trial.  They did OK but no Q's.  Autumn is still running like a crazy dog, but we are making progress.


February 24, 2014  Autumn is doing great.  Here is a fun picture I took on our walk today.










January 5, 2014   It's been a long time since I have posted here.  Not a lot going on with Autumn.  She has finally gone into season.  It's been 11 months. 


August 24, 2013  Autumn competed at our agility trial and got her second starter gamble Q.  She now moves up to advanced gamblers.  Almost got a jumpers but mom couldn't keep up and tried a rear cross which didn't work.


May 18 & 19, 2013  Autumn competed in her very first AAC agility trial.  I decided even though we haven't been able to complete our weave training and sequencing I thought it might be a good idea to let her have some fun in the ring.  To my surprise she Q'd in Starter Gamblers.    Click on the following you tube videos links.  


Starters Jumper 1 -
Starter Standard 2 -
Starters Jumper 2 -

Starter Standard 3 -


January 30, 2013  Autumn has finally gone into season.  It has been 10 Months.  Her litter mate Luna was the same length of time between seasons.


December 7 & 8, 2012  Autumn competes in open class at the Auld Lang Syne Show in Chilliwack.  Didn't do much on Friday but on Saturday at the FCR booster under Judge:  Mrs. P. Trotter she wins Winners Bitch and Best of Opposite Sex for another 3 points.  The judge made a few comments about Autumn.  Said she had a nice smooth head and before we left the ring she asked how old she was and said she will do really well in her show career. 










October 1, 2012  Autumn is doing great.  She's back to her old self.  Just needs to put on a bit of weight.  The whole house has been sprayed along with the entire back yard. 













August 28, 2012   Poor Autumn has become very sick.  Took her to the vets and they sent her home saying she must of eaten something she shouldn't have.  She continued to refuse water and food the next day so I took her back.  After many tests she was diagnosed with Parvo.  How terrible.  She spent the next 4 days in isolation at the Williams Lake Vet.  She was very depressed.  Finally on Friday she started to eat and drink and was able to come home.  She has to remain isolated from the other dogs for the next 10 days. 


July 19 & 20, 2012  Attended the FCRSC National Specialty in Abbotsford.  It was a great time.  Autumn placed 1st in the Juvenile Sweeps on Thursday and 3rd in the regular 12-18 month class on the Friday.  Her litter sister Luna placed 1st on Friday and their litter brother Flynn placed 4th on Thursday and 2nd on Friday.  They were all awesome.

Here are the links to the videos: 

Autumn and Luna Puppy Sweeps:   

Best Puppy Sweeps:  

Luna and Autumn in 12-18 Month Regular Class  

Sire/Get & Dam/Progeny: 


July 2, 2012   Autumn attended her first CKC dog show today put on by Nicola Valley Kennel Club in Merritt BC.  She did a fantastic job.  The first day she got WB (winners Bitch) then went on to take BOS (Best of Opposite Sex) under Judge Elaine Whitney of Ontario.  The second day she got WB then went on to get BOB (Best of Breed) and BOW (Best of Winners) under Judge Robert Whitney of Ontario.  On the third day she took RWB (Reserve winners Bitch).  Her litter sister Luna took WB and BOS.  Under Judge Kornelija Butrimova of Luthuana.  She now has her first 4 points towards her championship.    Here's a link to the video













June 17, 2012  Attended the Cariboo Kennel Club's sanctioned match today..  Autumn earned her CGN (Canine Good Neighbour).  She also competed in conformation and took Best of Breed again.  She then got a Group 2.













June 16, 2012  Today Autumn was in her very first Conformation Match.  We entered the Canadian Cane Corso CKC Sanctioned Match in Williams Lake.  Autumn was absolutely awesome.  She beat one other open female to get WB, then she beat the WM for Best of Breed.  In the Sporting Group she took GROUP 1.   I am so happy at this point.  We then went into the Best of Match ring and she  WON.   Boy was I surprised.  She was great throughout.  She stacks herself nicely and moves very smooth.   Just like her mom.

Here is a short video of a her Group win and her Best In Match win.


Click here to read about Autumn's first year.

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